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raveling is one thing but staying at a place that will transform your travel into a whole new experience is another one!

While traveling around the world, I came across places that just blew my mind. I decided to share some of these places with you =)

To make a first selection based on a budget, I’ll categorize them from Entry-budget two Upper budget.

Entry budget ($):

Intermediate budget ($$):

Upper budget ($$$):

Latest articles on that topic:

  • Barrel with a view – Hotel du Chasseron
    Located, as the name indicates, on the very top of the Chasseron mountain (1607 m)  in canton Vaud, this hotel offers a breathtaking view over the Lac Neuchâtel and its surroundings. It offers two types of accomodations:  Standard hotel (as it initially was)  Two wooden barrels located right next to the hotel Eitherway, you will…
  • Whitepod Eco Luxury Lodges
    A warm Igloo Am I the only one who spent my childhood building Igloos? We had plenty of snow back in the day and building an igloo where we could spend the day was number one task after a snowy day. But as me, you grew up and now enjoy some comfort from time to…
  • Switzerland – Fribourg Bivouac dans les arbres
    A nice family experience where you spend a night on a tent, suspended at 2-3 m from the ground. Located in a beautiful forest and flanked by a river, you can refresh yourself and have a BBQ right before sleep. Concept: Upon registration, you receive a box with wood and matches as well as your…
  • Coucoo Grands Reflets
    Have you ever dreamed to have a huge tree house as a kid? Or to live on a floating island only accessible by boat? Who hasn’t? What if I told you that you could experience these childhood dreams all over again, but with the comfort you would expect while growing up? This is possible with…
  • Les Cabanes de Marie
    Les Cabanes de Marie is the place where you will feel like back in your childhood but with all the comfort you would expect from a conventional hotel. Located in the canton of Vaud, french speaking part of Switzerland, les Cabanes de Marie consists of small domain of forest within which you can find 3…

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