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My beautiful country. I can’t deny it, i love Switzerland. A country with multiple facettes, landscapes and climats. From lake to mountain. from forest to dry summits, there is everything you would want!

How much have you already discoverd Switzerland?

Below you will find my suggestions and different trips i had the chance to do here! Simply click the title to reach the article!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

General Topics:

Topics per Canton:

  • Wateralls and Gorges around Canton Vaud
    Switzerland is a beautiful place! A perfect combination between mountains, forests and glaciers. Because of the glaciers (for now) and the snow that takes a while to melt, Switzerland has spectacular waterfalls spread all over the country. Furthermore, these glaciers and rivers eroded the soil and created some spectacular gorges which are definitely worth a…
  • Photographie Drone Neuchâtel, Lausanne et Suisse Romande
    Prise de vue aérienne sur demande, Neuchâtel, Suisse Romande Avez-vous toujours rêvé d’avoir une photo aérienne de votre établissement ou de votre maison ? Souhaitez-vous immortaliser un événement en prenant une nouvelle perspective ? Une nouvelle dimension ? Disponible sur le canton de Neuchâtel et en déplacement dans la Suisse Romande, je vous propose des…
  • Barrel with a view – Hotel du Chasseron
    Located, as the name indicates, on the very top of the Chasseron mountain (1607 m)  in canton Vaud, this hotel offers a breathtaking view over the Lac Neuchâtel and its surroundings. It offers two types of accomodations:  Standard hotel (as it initially was)  Two wooden barrels located right next to the hotel Eitherway, you will…
  • Gorges du Durnand
    The gorges of Durnand are located close to Martigny, Switzerland. More precisely, you will find them close to  Valettes, a village up the mountain, right above Martigny. While the access to the gorges was quite known, you had to wait until 1877 to have a secured trail built above the river. The gorge itself is…
  • Cabane FXB – Panossière and the Glacier of Corbassière
    Difficulty: Medium (two hanging bridges) Length: 3h 50 (one way) Location: Valais, Val de Bagnes Looking for a beautiful night right next to a Glacier? This mountain refuge will be your destination! Located right on the Morène of the Corbassière Glacier, the FXB Panossière offers a breathtaking landscape and a wonderful hike.  There are multiple…