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Wateralls and Gorges around Canton Vaud

Switzerland is a beautiful place! A perfect combination between mountains, forests and glaciers. Because of the glaciers (for now) and the snow that takes a while to melt, Switzerland has spectacular waterfalls spread all over the country. Furthermore, these glaciers and rivers eroded the soil and created some spectacular gorges which are definitely worth a detour!

Let’s explore those that you can find around Canton Vaud!

Below you will find a brief description of these places. It mostly aims at listing them and not at giving a detailed description of where to find them. You will find a link which brings you to a more descriptive webpage.

  • Gorge de la Jogne

Difficulty: Easy

3.2 km long in 1.2 h more or less to reach the lake. You start in Broc, take the road 189 and before crossing the bridge (roughly at the height of the Caillier factory) turn right into the forest road. This road leads to a parking lot.

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