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Gorges de la Langouette and Cascades du Hérisson

The Gorges de la Langouette is a short (depending on the activity you will choose) yet worthy place to add on your itinerary!

As the name indicates, the Gorges of Langouette consists of an impressive river that cuts through a massive rock formation. The hike back and forth will take you 30 minutes but the view is vertiginous and truly impressive. It is devided in 3 sections, lower part with view over the whole gorge, an intermediate part with view over the first waterfall section and a last upper section with view over a second waterfall and the famous “fairy garden”.

To extend your stay and fully enjoy that place, you can have a more adventurous approach and book a canyoning session!


The cascade of Hérisson is part of the Jura valley of Hérisson in France. That River hosts no less than 31 successive waterfalls that can be visited along a beautiful (yet touristic) hiking trail.

There are different access options to the waterfalls:

–        Starting from Doucier, the parking ticket has to be paid but serves as an entry for the museum “Maison des Cascades’’). That place is located close to the “Cascade de l’éventail”.

–        Starting from Ilay, there is a free parking lot behind the “Auberge du Hérisson” and a small access trail starts from there. From there you will reach the “Saut Girard”

–        From Bonlieu (where we started), you will be half-way to the “Saut de la Forge”.

The walk is very simple (which implies also that a lot of people go there) and leads you along the different waterfalls. You will also cross different villages (still requires a small detour) where you can find beautiful restaurants and places to stay!

One I can recommend in the area is the “Cabannes du Hérisson”, a beautiful tree house concept located among the trees, at several meters from the ground! You can learn more about that place here!


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